Delivery is based on the processing time and transit time. You can easily find out your shipping options and charges by placing items in the shopping cart and putting your information in the checkout. You will be presented with a number of shipping service options, depending on your location. These options will give you an accurate delivery time range that already combines the processing and transit time in business days.

Business days:

Business days are Monday through Friday, except jewish and federal holidays. An order placed on any business day before the cut-off time (see below), will be received by the customer in the business day range of the shipping option you chose. Any order placed after 3:00 pm on Monday through Thursday or after 1:00 pm on a Friday, will be considered as placed on the next business day.

If your order is urgent, please make us aware of the heightened necessity. We do cater to any "last minute", "must have tomorrow morning" order, whenever we can (and often we can!).  if a service faster than quoted on our website is necessary, please choose the fastest shipping service available to you at check-out, and indicate "must have by mm/dd/yy, at latest hh:mm  am or pm" in your order instructions/comments, and contact our office by phone to make us aware of the time-sensitivity of your purchase. we will give you a quote for any type of shipping service we are able to offer.

Transit Time:

99% of our items ship from our warehouse in Dunmore, PA We use a combination of UPS, Fedex, and USPS services.

In rare exceptions, actual shipping time results may vary according to ups / usps workload. During major storms, natural catastrophes, cyber monday, some packages don't make it in time - so please consider that when ordering. In the event that UPS, Fedex, or USPS delays the package, we can file a claim and refund shipping when applicable. Due to the COVID, all shipping guarantees were removed except for UPS overnight. As a result, we can not provide any refunds. 

Processing Time:

We do our best to ship your order as soon as possible. However, processing time may be longer due to out-of-stock items that must be ordered, high season work overload, size and complexity of the order, and other constraints.

Customer service is our specialty! we understand that you need each and every item in your order, so we ask you to choose at checkout what to do in case of a delay, so we can make you happy!

Shipping Charges (USA):

We currently offer a variety of service levels: our shipping charge is derived from the total price of your order and the speed of the service you choose. The higher the order amount, the lower the percentage of shipping from the order total.

Overseas Shipping Policy:

Minimum order amount for orders to countries other than the US is $100.- (with the exception of canada that has a $50.- minimum order amount). Any orders to countries other than the US will be charged the actual postage charged by the post office or UPS. You'll be notified of the amount before we ship, and charged only after your confirmation.

Please note that we are not responsible for any duties, customs charges, or taxes charged in your country.

Please understand that international shipping is expensive, and usually is a high percentage from the total cost of an order. You should not place an order to countries other than the US if you are not willing to consider those expenses!