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The Shabbat Table Companion with Tidbits, Songs, And Bentching 
is now on its fourth print! Each time it has been edited and improved with feedback from many Shluchim.
There are 52 Pages which includes
Shalom Aleichem
Aishet Chayil
Kiddush for Friday Night
Azamer Bishvachin
Kiddush for Shabbat Day
Kiddush for Holidays
Asader Lisudasa
Seuda Shlishit 
Netilat Yadayim
Bentching after Hamotzi
Al Hamichya
Borei Nefashos
and 9 Pages of Jewish Songs
Every prayer in this guide is written in 
Hebrew, English, and Full Transliteration.
Besides for having the actual Brachos, it has the meaning behind it, written in professional and simple-to-read and understand deglish. 
Why & how do we light candles? Sing Shalom Aleichem? What is the Aishes Chayil Prayer? 
Whats the reason behind Kiddush? and How do we do it (completely illustrated Step-by-Step)
How Do we Wash our Hands? How do we wash our hands (with Step-by-Step illustrations)? 
Why is the Challah Covered? Why is it Braided? Why do we dip it in salt? How do we cut the Challah along with the Hamotzi Blessing. And why do we thank Hashem once we are done.
There are 9 Pages and 47 songs to choose from
The Song List Includes

1. Siman Tov U'Mazel Tov
2. Am Yisrael Chai
3. Dovid Melech
4. We’ve Existed So Long
5. To Love A Fellow Jew
6. Heenay Ma Tov
7. Oseh Shalom
8. Haveinu Shalom Aleichem
9. The Little Bird
10. We Want Moshiach Now
11. Veha’er eineinu
12. Snap Clap
13. Shabbat Shalom, hey!
14. Kol Ha-olam
15. Moshiach
16. It Happened Yom Kippur
17. Hu Elokeinu
18. Ato sokum
19. Ki Mitzion
20. Ufaratztah
21. Darkecha Eloikenu
22. Becha Hashem Chasisi
23. Ain’t Gonna Work on Saturday
24. Tzama Lechah Nafshi
25. Shema Yisrael
26. If I Would Have The Might
27. Ashreinu
28. Who Knows One?
29. Anachnu Maaminim
30. Just One Shabbos
31. Don’t Walk In Front of Me
32. Eimasai
33. Al Hasela
34. Vesamachta
35. Zeide
36. A Young Boy Holds
37. Zol Shoin Zayn
38. Nyet Nyekavo
39. Yifrach byomov tzadik
40. Sheyibaneh
41. Ush’avtem Mayim
42. Footsteps
43. Atah V’chartanu
44. Ad Mosai
45. Friday Night
46. In a Small College Town
47. Shabbos Queen

The softcover version is Printed with a Cardstock outer and 80' matte inner, for a beautiful finish. 
The Hardcover version is printed with laminated pages, ensuring long-lasting use. 
This Guide is the Ultimate Guide to use in your Home & Chabad House (Shul), or to give out in a package. When giving out these Shabbat Table Companions, you can be ensured that the user will understand how to enjoy Shabbos and a Friday night dinner to its fullest, along with the meaning and beauty behind the Shabbos Table.
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