DIY Camp Gan Israel SunGlasses Craft

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This DIY Camp Gan Israel Sunglasses Craft is great for  

- Registration Packet / Mailing
- Open House
- First Day of Camp Activity
- Any day of camp activity :)
Ages: Approx 5 years - 12 years
Material: Foam
Camp Gan Israel Sunglasses
These are real sunglasses, perfect for camp!
Each pair of glasses is individually packaged 
(in retail form, with nice flyer, and instructions for how to do the craft inside)  
- 1 Plastic glasses frame
- 2 double sided adhesive pieces of tape
- 2 Sunglasses Frames
- Large Foam Frame
- Words to spell out I Heart C G I in foam, with stick on back
- Bowling, a Torah, And Music Notes (made of multiple components) in foam, with stick on on back
- a bunch of "diamond" stickers
- 1 set of instructions
How to Do: 
Step 1: The two round white circles you see are double sided adhesives. Peel the sticker and place on the glasses and sunglasses lens. (First place the lens on the glasses, and then place the sticker over it)
Step 2: Peel the opposite side and stick the foam frame to the to the glasses 
Step 3: Stick the foam accessories into the right position as show in the picture. (follow the image you are looking at). 
Step 4: Stick the diamonds around the glasses, for a beautiful finish
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